Storage units in North Charlotte
April 29, 2020

Can storage units in North Charlotte be used for living?

Storage units in North Charlotte

Storage units in North Charlotte and purposes

Storage units in North Charlotte can be used to house many items from home and the office. Some people may even use them as a kind of studio, a place to store their artwork or things they have created. And those these units are great for many kinds of things, there are some things they can’t be used for.With more and more people at home, some may be looking for a place to escape for some quiet. Or, some people may be moving and need a place to crash for a few days while they are between homes. Others may be wanting to save some money and need a cheap place to crash for a month or two. These people may find themselves asking, I wonder if I can stay in my storage units?

The short answer is no

Unfortunately, people are not allowed to stay or live in their storage units. In fact, one of the cardinal rules of using storage units is to not use them to house any living thing, including people, animals, and plants. Here’s why.Most storage units are not wired with electricity or running water, making them unsanitary and unsafe to live in. You won’t have access to working lights, appliances to make food, or even a toilet to go to the restroom or a shower to clean off in. This makes for unsafe living conditions, one of the big reasons living in storage is a no no.Air flow can also be a problem. Traditional storage units have temperatures that fluctuate based on what’s going on outside. That means if it is hot, you’ll get very very hot, which could lead to medical issues.  When it’s cold, you too will get cold with no way other than blankets to warm up.When you rent storage units, one of the biggest things they tell you not to keep in there is food. If you bring food into your unit for meals, you’ll inevitably leave crumbs and fill up your trash with food wrappers. This can attract pests to not only your unit, the units around you. These pests can wreak havoc on the contents of people’s units, leaving them damaged.

Storage units in North Charlotte

Storage units in North Charlotte should not be used as a place to live. No matter how temporarily- it is not a good idea. But, self-storage units in north Charlotte can be used to help declutter your home, giving you some space of your own there. If you have questions about the dos and don’ts of storage units, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.We believe in providing our customers with convenient self-storage solutions. You can find our drive up, secure, storage units in North Charlotte, South Charlotte/Steele Creek, Harrisburg, Mooresville, Statesville, Asheville/Fairview, Fletcher/Hendersonville, Sherrills Ford,  Iron Station and Fort Mill/Tega Cay SC, along with these other storage facilities.