Storage near me
June 5, 2020

Organizing storage near me in Stanfield NC

Storage near me

Just like packing a suitcase, organization is key to fitting more in your unit

Storage near me is used to house many things in Stanfield. With units in many sizes, people want to make sure they get a unit large enough to house everything they need it too, but not so large they are paying for empty space.One way to maximize the number of items you can fit into your storage unit is by organizing it. Just like packing a suitcase, the more organized, the more you can fit into your unit.

The equipment

Before you start packing up, take some time to gather the equipment you’ll need. You’ll want to make sure you have plastic tubs on hand as well as permanent markers, light drop cloths, shelving, and barriers for the floor, pallets often work. If you plan to store a mattress, grab a mattress cover to help keep it protected.Once you have your equipment you can start packing your belongings to go into storage near me. Put clothing into tubs, cover furniture with the light, yet breathable cloths. If you are unsure how best to pack a particular item, ask the team at the facility. Make sure you label items as you pack the up as well so you know what is what.

Fill the unit

Once everything is ready to go into the unit, you need to take time to prep the unit. First, cover the floor if you plan to keep furniture in there. This will prevent items from becoming damaged. Then, you are ready to start loading items in.It is important to think about what items you put in first. You should put heavy items and items you don’t plan on needing for a while in the back. Then, things you may need more frequently, such as holiday décor, nearer the front.

Mistakes to avoid

As you load items into storage near me, make sure you leave enough room for you to navigate throughout your unit. You want to be able to reach the items you need easily and safely. You also don’t want to stack things too high. This could cause your items to overbalance and fall, potentially inuring you or damaging your belongings.

Storage near me in Stanfield NC

Stanfield residents can maximize their space in storage near me by organizing it. If you have questions about how best to pack your items, or move them into your unit, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We want to make sure you get the most out of your storage space.We believe in providing our customers with convenient self-storage solutions. You can find our drive up, secure, storage units in North Charlotte, South Charlotte/Steele Creek, Harrisburg, Mooresville, Statesville, Asheville/Fairview, Fletcher/Hendersonville, Sherrills Ford,  Iron Station and Fort Mill/Tega Cay SC, along with these other storage facilities.