7 Steps to Safely Store Your Car

Winter storage for your car

Storage for expensive or classic automobiles makes good sense, especially in winter. If you own an expensive or classic car or truck, it may be fine to cover it and park it in the driveway in the summer, but what happens with the arrival of cold, harsh winter weather? Read below to see valuable tips to properly store your car or vehicle in a storage unit.

  1. New Cars: Leave Battery, Old Cars: Remove Battery

For older cars that do not have an engine computer, it is better to disconnect and remove the battery. However, if you have a newer vehicle that is controlled by an engine computer, you should install a smart charger in it, because even in storage it will require the battery to be connected.

  1. Clean the wheel wells

Remove any accumulated dust, road grit, and dirt from the nooks and crannies in the fender wells. If this is not removed, rust and corrosion will be the inevitable result. When you wash the care, always include cleaning of the underside of the car.

  1. Jack it up

If the car will be sitting for the winter, place jack stands under the rear axle and the front suspension. This will keep the tires off the ground, and they will not develop flat spots that cause a vibration when the car is driven again.

  1. Remove your wiper blades

Remove the wiper blades and store them in a clean, dry place. Like the trunk of the car. Clean them well before storing them. Otherwise, they will stick to the windshield or the blade edge will deform from being pressed in one position for months.

  1. Plug the tailpipe

Plug the tail-pipe(s) with a rag or soft rubber ball, then tape it in place. This will keep mice from building a nest in the exhaust or in the engine.

  1. Treat the fuel

The best option is to drain all the gasoline, because gasoline can oxidize and form deposits in the fuel lines over time. If this is not feasible, we recommended that you use a fuel stabilizer instead.

  1. Make sure the interior is clean

Cleaning the interior of the vehicle before storing it reduces any odors and removes organic materials and food particles. Remove unnecessary paper items from the car, including any snacks to ensure that mice and other vermin will be less likely to sneak their way in

Get the right size storage unit

Most cars can be stored in a regular 10×20 drive up storage unit. If you have a smaller car, such as a roadster convertible or smart car, you might consider storing it in a 10×16 drive up storage unit. You should also have an option to choose between indoor and outdoor storage, as well as climate-controlled storage units.

Car storage in Charlotte, NC

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