Can I Keep Electronics in Storage Units?

Storage units can be used to house many things

Storage units are used by North Charlotte residents to house many of their important belongings. Whether they are looking to clear out the garage, empty out the basement, or just need a spot for extra items, storage units offer many benefits. But, it’s important you take the steps to properly store your items.

Electronics need to be kept in specific units

Maybe you have an extra computer, television, or other electronic you want to move into your storage units. Keeping these in a regular unit isn’t always the best option. Temperature fluctuations can cause condensation to develop inside the electronics which can damage them and even lead them stop working. Thankfully, there’s a solution.

Climate controlled storage units are ideal for storing electronics. These units keep a steady temperature and keep humidity out. By keeping the unit at a constant temperature, you can ensure your electronics are well protected from condensation and will still be in working order when you retrieve them.

Make sure you pack them in your unit carefully

Electronics tend to be a big more fragile than other things you may store. So, in addition to protecting them from temperature fluctuations, it’s also important you keep them safe from damage. Putting a chair up against a screen could result in a screen puncture if things get jostled.

To pack your electronics into your storage units properly, make sure you take a minute to organize your other items. For example, keep them up off the ground and make sure there isn’t anything leaning up against them. Don’t stack boxes on top of the screens as the pressure could crack the screens, which would lead to costly replacements.

Storage units in North Charlotte

North Charlotte residents who need a place to keep electronics can use storage units. But, finding the right unit as well as taking time to properly pack it is important to keeping your electronics in working order. We can help you make sure you keep your items safe while in our care. Our staff will be happy to discuss how best to store your electronics as well as offer tips on how to place them in your units. Contact us today to learn more or with any questions you have on renting your own unit. We look forward to hearing from you.