How To Choose Your Storage Unit

What to know about self-storage units and facilities

Choosing self-storage units in Fort Mill and Tega Cay SC for the first time can be a little daunting when you don’t know the things to look for. Although it isn’t hard and a lot of it comes from a little common sense, it is still helpful to have a few pointers to make sure you have the ideal lock up a unit in the Fort Mill and Tega Cay SC area that fits your purpose.

Here are five common things to be aware of when searching for the ideal storage unit.

It’s all about the location

It is well known that a business only wants to travel a maximum of fifteen minutes to a self-storage unit. Homeowners might decide to travel a little further if they find one that is safe and secure and fits all their needs.

Location is the key to many things, so finding one that is on the main road rather than out of the way is advisable for security reasons in the Fort Mill and Tega Cay SC area.

Understanding your needs

This can be a vital step for businesses or homeowners, and the requirement can vary between the two but the end result will be the same, and this is the matter of available space. Aside from the size of units available, there is the question of climate controlled, and in most cases, it is always advisable when choosing self-storage for this, to protect whatever it is you have stored.

Both businesses and homeowners will look at the things they want to move, but as these get stored and stacked, space can be eaten up quicker than they think.

Choosing self-storage and the appearance of the facility

A lot of this can come down to the storage units location, but there are instances where ones that are located in a prime location aren’t as they first appear. With a quick visit to a storage facility, you can assess the condition by how they control cleanliness, Is there any trash laying around, and if you visit in darker hours, do all the lights work. A good storage facility will be well maintained as well as secure.


It doesn’t matter if a storage facility is in the middle of the Fort Mill and Tega Cay SC area or the middle of the Bronx. Security is always top of the list for businesses and homeowners. They will, after all, be leaving their belongings under someone else’s protection.

24-hour access is a must when choosing self-storage units because you never know what time you might need access. Good facilities might not have staff on duty through the night, but it will be well lit with high-security fences and around 24-hour surveillance.

Choosing self-storage units

The way things go in the world of self-storage, many storage companies now offer more flexible agreements. This is one of the things that makes them so amenable because businesses and homeowners have complete flexibility in their rentals.  With all this information of what to look for when choosing self-storage units, the next step is to call Nest Storage and schedule in a site visit so we can show you around, and also show how we surpass all of the above requirements.