Find Storage Facilities For My Outdoor Equipment

Yard maintenance requires a lot of equipment

Storage facilities in Statesville NC is a great place to house yard equipment. Let’s face it, having a yard means you have to have a lot of equipment, and different equipment for each season’s needs. With summer almost officially here, many people may find themselves out in the yard, planting things, mowing, or doing other projects.

But, all these projects require a lot of stuff to complete. Mowing requires a lawn mower, complete with oil and gas cans. Planting a garden or flowers requires bags of dirt, seeds, pots, and tools. All this can leave your garage or shed full to the brim, cluttered, and hard to navigate. Using storage facilities as an extra shed can help.

How to use your storage unit for seasonal equipment

Storage facilities in Statesville NC can help you organize and clear out your shed or garage. You can use it to store the equipment you don’t currently need, clearing out space at home for the things you do. When the seasons start to change, simply spend an hour or two swapping out your equipment.

It is important, however, that you only use storage facilities to house appropriate items. Flammable items such as gas, should not be kept in your unit. Your gas can, along with other flammable items, will need to stay in your garage year-round in safe place.

Small businesses and storage facilities

Many people turn to local lawn care companies to help with their outdoor maintainance. These small businesses can benefit from using storage facilities too. Like residential users, lawn businesses can use storage facilities to house equipment they aren’t currently using. Or, if you don’t a physical office, use it to house everything. Then, each morning, load up the supplies you need before you head to your first job. This can save space and cost for businesses.

Know accessibility rules

When you use storage facilities to house your yard equipment, make sure you know when you can and cannot access your unit, especially if you are a business. Some facilities only allow entry during certain times, such as staffed hours. Others, allow 24 hour access. Make sure you know which your facility has before you sign the lease.

Storage facilities in Statesville

You can find many options for storage facilities in Statesville NC.  We have many different sizes of self-storage units. To learn more about what yard equipment you safely store and what type of unit will be best for you, contact our office. We look forward to meeting your storage needs.