Find The Best Storage For Your Belongings

When it comes to storage units, you have more options than you may realize

Find the best storage is more than just choosing the right North Charlotte, NC facility. The best storage also involves choosing the right type of unit for the items you plan to store. Most people picture a traditional storage unit when they think about storage. But, that’s not the only type of unit out there. Learn more about popular types of storage and how to find the best storage for your items.

Temperature is an important factor to take into consideration

Temperature changes can impact the items you move into your storage unit, even damage them. Traditional storage units do not regulate the temperature inside the unit. Instead, it will fluctuate as the temperature outside does. Though this may be fine for storing some items, you may want to consider a different type of unit as you find the best storage.

Climate controlled storage units do just what their name implies, they allow you to control the temperature. You can set it to a constant one so condensation doesn’t form and your items remain in top shape. This type of unit is a good idea if you plan to store photos or artwork, among other things.

Inside or outside is an option

Another option to consider as you work to find the best storage is whether you want an inside unit or if an exterior unit would work best for you. An interior unit is enclosed, like a garage. This type of unit is the more traditional model and should be used to protect your belongings from the elements.

If you plan to store a vehicle, you certainly can choose an enclosed unit if there is one large enough. However, some people are looking to find the best storage option for items that can be parked outside, such as RVs or campers. For these people, an exterior unit is a good option. These are similar to parking spaces, where you’ll pull up and leave your vehicle until you are ready to use it again. It is important to note that if you choose to store your vehicles, you may need to take steps to winterize or prepare it for storage. Your dealer can help.

Find the best storage in North Charlotte, NC

North Charlotte, NC residents who are on a mission to find the best storage should consider using our facility. Our expert staff can help you choose the right type of unit for you and help you decide what size will work best. Contact our office today to get started.