Guide to storing your furniture in a self storage unit

It starts with the storage facility floor

Storage is a great way to extend the life of your furniture. Improper storage can lead to damaged furniture. We want to share the secret to safe and secure furniture storage. It starts with the floor. Find a storage unit that has sealed floors, to minimize dust accumulation.

The importance of climate control

Climate controlled storage units ensure that your items are never too hot or too cold. Around 90 percent of your furniture and household goods need to be stored in a climate-controlled environment.  In Charlotte, we experience high heat and humidity in the summer. The humidity levels can create mold, and lead to a rapid deterioration of your furniture. In the winter, we experience long periods of freezing temperatures and ice storms. The extreme range of temperatures can cause wood to split or rot. Climate controlling creates an optimal storage environment for your furniture and possessions.

Proper storage

Mirrors and pictures should be placed into special storage boxes. These items can be particularly challenging items to pack up and move. Regular boxes will not work for these items. Your pictures come in so many odd sizes, it is advisable that you use an expandable picture box. These boxes come in two pieces that slide together. This type of box can not only be used on paintings and large picture frames, they are also excellent for televisions, and bicycles. Expandable picture boxes help ensure that your items are kept in the proper position and offer stability to prevent breakage. Make sure that you properly wrap all furniture. Most storage facilities sell mattress bags for all mattress sizes, as well as covers for sofas and dust covers.

Clean furniture items prior to storage

Make sure you give your furniture a good cleaning before placing it into storage. Cleaning prior to storage helps prevent fabric deterioration. It also will reduce the likelihood of insects or vermin being attracted to your furnishings. At minimum, you should place couches, sofas, companion chairs, and loungers under a dust cover. Most self storage facilities sell plastic sleeves or bags to seal of furnishings and mattresses. Clean and pest-free is the goal for long-term furniture storage.

Personal items storage in Charlotte, NC

Steele Creek Storage in South Charlotte, NC offers excellent amenities such as drive-up access and extraordinary security. The storage units are available in a variety of sizes and capacity. All are extremely clean, secure, and climate controlled with computerized access. We want to be the self-storage solution for you and/or your business. We guarantee that you will experience exceptional customer service from our friendly staff. They are committed to helping you find the storage unit that makes the most sense for your needs.