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Holiday Storage Tips

The upcoming holiday can bring a lot of decorations

Storage is often packed to the brim with holiday decorations for North Charlotte residents. With Thanksgiving now over, the time has come, for many residents, to swap out pumpkins and turkeys, with Christmas trees, holiday lights, or menorahs. This can lead to storage areas in disarray and stuffed to the brim. Plus, many areas are often difficult to navigate and find what you need.

Thankfully, there is a solution to this storage problem. A storage unit can help you organize your holiday decorations and easily swap them out whenever the season and holiday changes.

Separate out each holiday and season

The first step to organizing your holiday storage is to sort it all out. Take out all of your decorations and put each season and holiday in its own tub. All the Halloween items should be in a Halloween tub (or two) and all Christmas items should go together. You may want to do separate tubs for outdoor and indoor decorations too. Be sure you label the tub so you can easily identify what is stored inside.

Move them into your unit

Next, you can move your items into your unit. Be sure to group like with like and with the labels facing out where you can read them. Get a unit large enough for you to navigate and easily find the boxes and tubs you need.

Get what you need now

With the majority of your items in storage, you’ll have more room in your home for other items. But, save some space for the items you are using now. For example, you will need to keep the decoration you are using right now out. Put them out in and around your home and then use your now clutter free areas at home to keep their tubs in.

Swap out with the seasons

Once the season or holiday changes, you can very easily change out your decorations. Pull out the empty tubs from your home storage and pack up your belongings. Then, take those tubs to your unit and retrieve the next set you need.

Storage for holiday items in North Charlotte

North Charlotte residents can save space at home by organizing their decorations and keeping them in storage. Not only will you save space at home, but you’ll make it easier for you to find what you need down the road. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about using storage to help you organize for the holidays.