Dorm & College Storage Ideas

Self-storage makes moving to college a little easier

College students and self-storage may seem like two things that having nothing in common to Harrisburg, NC residents. But, they actually have more in common than you think. In fact, college students can benefit from using self-storage when it comes to moving into a dorm and traveling.

Dorm rooms are not known for being large and spacious. They’re actually pretty well known for being cramped, with room for only the necessities like a bed, desk, dresser, and chair. Knowing how you and your new roommate will organize things and how much room you’ll have your belongings before you arrive to your new home is difficult. But what happens when you’re all unpacked and have too much stuff? Or, what happens when it’s time to fly home over the summer? That’s where college students and self-storage can work together.

A unit offers a secure place for students to keep belongings, short term or long term

Before you pack up your items and ship them back, only to realize you need them later, move your items into self-storage at University Self Storage. Photos you can’t fit on your desk, winter gear you’re not ready to wear quite yet, even extra bedding that doesn’t fit in the wardrobe, can all be moved into a unit until you need them again. This saves you the hassle of mailing them between your home and your dorm.

College students and self-storage can also work together when it comes to storing things over the summer or while traveling abroad. If you live far from your dorm, it can be a hassle to work out the logistics of getting all your belongings home. Instead, college students and self-storage can work together to house items while you’re away. Along with saving time and stress by not constantly moving things around, you can feel confident your items are secure and will be here when you get back.

Flexible terms make finding a unit a breeze

College students and self-storage may not need to partner up year round. We offer flexible terms that allow students to rent a unit for a month, until their family visits to take things back, a year, while you finish your college career, or longer, your entire college career. Whatever your needs, we’re sure to have a plan that meets them.

College students and self-storage in Harrisburg, NC
Harrisburg, NC area students don’t have to spend time and money shipping items back and forth between school and home. College students and self-storage can instead work together to keep your items safe, and within reach, until it’s easier to move items, or until it’s time to move on to your next adventure.