Important Storage Terms For Residents

Self-storage in Iron Station comes with its own set of jargon

Self-storage in Iron Station comes with learning how to choose the right unit for your particular storage needs. Many residents are surprised at the number of options available to them and the number of decisions they have to make as they search for the right unit in the right facility. One thing that can complicate the search, jargon. Discover some important terms to know as you start looking for the perfect self storage facility for you.

Access hours

Access hours refer to the times you are able to access self storage. This can vary based on the facility. Some have access hours during staffed time while others allow renters to access their items at any time thanks to electronic gates.

Climate controlled storage unit

A climate controlled unit is one of many different types of self storage options people have. This type of unit maintains the temperature inside, keeping it cool when it is hot outside and warming up the inside while the outside is cold. This is idea if you plan to store items that can be damaged by temperature changes such as photos or electronics.

Drive up unit

A drive up unit is a type of self storage where the driveway goes right to the unit. You can drive up to the door and start unloading, giving you easy access to your belongings. 

Indoor unit

An indoor unit is a type of self storage unit that is housed inside a main building. You’ll have to park your vehicle and enter the facility to get to your unit. This type of unit may not be ideal if you are planning to store large items you’d have to carry to your unit.

Long term storage

Some people need to use self storage for a long period of time. Long term storage encompasses renting a unit for a period longer than 12 months.

Perishable goods

Most self storage facilities do not allow people to keep perishable goods in their units as this can attract critters. This can include things like food, which go bad over time. Ask your facility what they do and do not allow in self storage.

Short term storage

Short term storage entails rentals that are for less than 12 months. People who are moving or facing military deployment, may use short term storage.

Self storage in Iron Station

Iron Station residents have many options when it comes to self storage. Don’t let unfamiliar terms overwhelm you. If you have questions, or need clarification on the options available to you, give us a call. Our professional staff is happy to help.