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Preparing To Move & What To Do

Moving your items into storage can be a big undertaking

Best self storage is used by North Charlotte residents for many reasons as a place to store their belongings. And while choosing the best unit for you is an important task, it’s not the last step to utilizing your unit. Once you’ve picked out your unit and signed the lease, you have the task of moving your items into it. Here are some tips to help make the move easier.

Tips to moving your belongings into self storage

  • Pack things securely. Packing your items is an important first step in moving your items into self storage. Not only will packing your belongings in a sturdy container will protect them while in the unit, it also makes moving easier. By having your items in secure boxes and tubs, you can easily carry them and stack them in your unit. You may also want to make an inventory list as you pack items so you remember what you’ve moved into self storage so you don’t go out and buy a replacement for something you already have.
  • Get transportation planned. Once you have everything packed and ready to go, you need to transport it. You can certainly load up your vehicle and make a few trips to get it all. But, many facilities rent out trucks to help make moving items easier. Using these trucks to move your items into self storage can reduce the number of trips you have to make, thus making the process go a lot faster.
  • Load up items how you plan to store them. Before putting items into self storage, you should have an idea how you want things stored. For example, know what you aren’t going to need often and put those items at the back. When you pack up the truck for the big move, you should put the items you want at the front of your unit, the items you’ll need to retrieve more often, at the back of the truck. That way the items you unload first will go to the back of your unit and you won’t have to shuffle boxes around.
  • Have help lined up. Though it may seem obvious, having people lined up to help you move your items into self storage is a good idea. They can help you lift heavy items and carry twice as many things at a time.

Public storage in North Charlotte

North Charlotte residents can find many of the items they need to move their items into self storage in our office. For more tips, or suggestions on how to pack your belongings for the move, contact us. Our staff will be happy to help.