How To Prevent Pests in Storage

Pests are rare, but can happen

Our storage takes precautions to prevent pests from coming into our facility. We work hard to keep the grounds clean and keep rodents and pests away from our tenant’s units. But, we can’t control what people do inside their units, and some people may store things they shouldn’t, attracting pests to their unit and the units around them. We offer tips you can take to keep your unit protected. Together, we can keep storage near me, pest free.

Keep food at home

One of the biggest no-nos when it comes to using storage near me, is keeping food in your unit. Whether you are storing canned items, or leave food in your camper while you store it, this can attract all kinds of pests. That is why we recommend keeping food at home. Do not use your unit to store food, no matter how well sealed it may be.

Use proper packing containers

It can be tempting to use cardboard boxes to hold your items when you move them into storage near me. But, that isn’t always the best idea. Boxes can break down or can be easily chewed through by something wanting to get inside.

Instead, consider using plastic tubs to protect your items while in storage near me. These are sturdy, air tight, and easy to stack, making them a win win for you. They’ll keep things out, while keeping your items safe.

Keep things off the floor

Having a barrier between the ground and your belongings is beneficial in many ways when using storage near me. This protects from condensation that can form, protects items in case water gets in the unit, and, can keep pests away. Having items raised makes it more difficult for things to get in, while protecting your items from damage at the same time.

Use natural repellents

Some people may also decide to use natural pest repellents to keep them out of their storage near me. This can include the use of cedar to protect clothing from moths and more. You can simply place a block or some cedar chips throughout your unit. Other people may choose to use oils such as lavender to keep pests at bay.

University area residents want to make sure their items are safe while in storage near me. Though we work hard to keep pests away from your units, there are things you can do to help. Our team is happy to answer questions you have about ways to keep your items safe from pests while in storage.