Self Storage Helps Residents Downsize

Calling empty nesters, self storage may be for you

Self storage can help Fairview residents who are preparing to downsize. It’s often inevitable that the house you lived in with your family will someday become too big for you. Or too much work to keep up. While you once needed rooms for the kids, a play area for them to hang out with friends, and ample storage space to keep their keepsakes and memory boxes, once they are grown and on their own, you may be ready to move to a smaller place. But, downsizing is a big process, and your kids may not be quite ready to take their stuff to their new place with them quite yet. Self storage can help.

You may need to keep a variety of things that won’t fit into the new house

When you start the downsizing process, you’ll probably find yourself tossing many items. But, there may be some that you’ve held on to over the years that you aren’t ready to part with. Unfortunately, however, your new home may not be able to hold everything.

Extra furniture is often held onto in case family members or friends need a set to help them get started in their first apartment or home. But, they can take up a lot of space in the basement. When you move to your new, smaller place, move furniture into self storage. That way you can still get it should someone need it, but you don’t have to cram into your new place.

Kids finally moving out onto their own is an exciting time. But, first houses and apartments are often small and don’t have a ton of storage available. That means the mementos and keepsakes you’ve collected over the years will still need to stay with you. Move them into self storage so you can retrieve them when they are ready for their next home, without taking up valuable space in yours.

You can also use self storage if you just aren’t sure what to do with things as you downsize. Maybe you need a little longer to decide if you need to keep something or not. Move it into self storage, then revisit it in a few months and see if you’ve reached a decision.

Self storage in Fairview

Fairview residents who are preparing to downsize may find self storage helpful. Offering a place to keep things while you transition, self storage can be used to house a variety of items. To learn more about what you can and cannot keep in a unit, or for help choosing the best unit for you, contact us.