Storing Your Summer Clothes in Storage

Packing away the summer

Storing your summer clothes in a Steele Creek storage unit.  Storage units come in handy when you have more clothing than you have space at home. The cooler weather has finally arrived, which means it is time to put away your comfy summer wardrobe and get out those winter duds. For some of us, finding room to store your seasonal wardrobe can be a challenge. Extra drawers and shelving for the whole family’s clothing is a luxury that most of us do not have. Fortunately, a climate-controlled storage unit can supplement what you lack in your small home or apartment. Clothing storage is not terribly complicated, but you want to pack things right to ensure that your shorts and bikinis are in top shape when you pull them back out next spring. Consider the following tips for storing summer clothes in your self-storage unit:

Storing your summer clothes in a Steele Creek storage unit

   Eliminate space wasting clothing

If you and your family are typical, you have clothing that you will never wear again. A good rule of thumb is that if you did not wear it last summer, give it away. You may rent a self-storage unit, but space is important there too, so why store anything that you are not going to wear. Browse through your summer wardrobe and remove those items. Don’t throw them out, donate these items, or offer them to family members. 

   Clean it before you store it

Before storing any clothing, wash and dry every piece thoroughly. You want to remove every molecule of sunscreen, residue from body oil, deodorant, and cologne. These substances can degrade the fabric after your clothing has been in storage for several months. Clean only with a mild detergent. Avoid using chlorine bleach or fabric softeners. Never starch your stored clothing, this makes them taste yummy to insects and vermin.

   Organize and strategize

We recommend that you organize your clothing by type, and then by fabric, so you will be able to store them properly and find easily for your winter vacation in the Caribbean.

   Use hangers judiciously

You may feel that wardrobe boxes are a good deal, be sure to hang only the sturdiest clothing. Hang garments on well-shaped hangers but remember that heavy fabrics that are hung will tend to droop or stretch. Delicate items on a hanger may become stretched or misshapen after months of storage. Most clothing should be folded neatly instead of hung.

   Avoid synthetic or plastic bags

Never store your clothing in nylon or plastic bags. It increases your risk for mildew growth and can discolor fabrics. If you need extra protection for expensive clothing, use a garment bag or a cotton sheet. You can protect delicate folded items by placing them inside a cotton pillowcase. 

   Avoid moth balls

We know you might be concerned about insects, but moth balls are not the answer. The smell of mothballs is almost impossible to remove, and for some individuals, they may even be toxic. We recommend cedar chips or lavender blocks as an insect repellant.

Storing your summer clothes in a Steele Creek storage unit:   Climate-controlled storage in Charlotte, NC

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