Strategies for an organized storage unit

Storage units can be used to house all kinds of items

An organized storage unit is very helpful to have. Storage unit is the perfect place for Harrisburg, NC residents to store a variety of items from their home, garage, and even office. A storage unit offers you many benefits in the form of a safe place to keep your most treasured belonging with the convenience of being able to retrieve items whenever you need them. But, what happens when you just toss items in there and need something, only to have a hard time finding it in the chaos?

A well organized storage unit can help you easily find items you need when you need them. By taking some time now, you can sort and organize your storage unit to meet your needs. Below, we answer some questions about organizing your unit.

  1. How do I get started organizing my storage unit?
  2. First things first, you’ll need to decide what all is moving into your storage unit. This will help you organize it so like items are with like items. Then, you’ll need to pack everything up. Organizing items at home, before you move them to your storage unit, is the first step in organizing it.
  3. What kind of container should I put my belonging in?
  4. This will partially depend on the items you’re moving into a unit. But, if possible, putting things in plastic storage tubs that have a lid is recommended. Boxes can fall apart over time, whereas a tub will hold up long term and are easy to haul and move. Larger items like couches and chairs, however, can’t be kept in a container, but should be covered with a bed sheet or plastic sheet to keep it clean and protect it from dust.
  5. How will I know what has what in it?
  6. Once you have your items put into tubs, be sure to label them. That way when you go to retrieve things from your storage unit, you can easily and quickly see where things are and what is in each storage container.
  7. How high can I stack things?
  8. A storage unit is generally pretty tall, and it can be tempting to stack things from floor to ceiling. But, this makes it hard to retrieve items, not to mention can be rather dangerous. Instead, put heavier boxes and tubs on the floor, then stack lighter things on top of it so you can easily move the lighter things and don’t have to lift heavier items. Be sure to only stack about as tall as you can reach. You don’t want to have to climb to lift things, as it is easy to knock things over in your storage unit.

Organized storage unit in Harrisburg, NC

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