Tenant Spotlight: Kimberly Jones
July 24, 2023

At SafeNest Storage, we take immense pride in being an integral part of our community. Our storage facilities are dedicated to supporting our valued customers in various ways. Whether it’s offering storage units for local businesses or providing a secure space to safeguard personal belongings, we are committed to serving our community. In this tenant […]

3 Reasons to Consider Moving to Charlotte NC
4 Reasons to Consider Moving to Charlotte NC
April 4, 2023

Within the last 10 years North Carolina has become one of the country’s hottest destinations. Indeed, if you were to take a survey of the populations of Raleigh or Charlotte you would most likely find that the majority of its residents are transplants, either from northern states like New York or New Jersey, or from […]

7 Steps to Safely Store Your Car
August 14, 2018

Winter storage for your car Storage for expensive or classic automobiles makes good sense, especially in winter. If you own an expensive or classic car or truck, it may be fine to cover it and park it in the driveway in the summer, but what happens with the arrival of cold, harsh winter weather? Read […]

Guide to storing your furniture in a self storage unit
August 4, 2018

It starts with the storage facility floor Storage is a great way to extend the life of your furniture. Improper storage can lead to damaged furniture. We want to share the secret to safe and secure furniture storage. It starts with the floor. Find a storage unit that has sealed floors, to minimize dust accumulation. […]

The benefits of climate-controlled self-storage
June 23, 2018

Climate-controlled storage in Charlotte Storage facilities that provide climate-controlled self-storage has grown exponentially over the past decade. It is rapidly becoming a required offering at many self-storage locations. This is because people are storing more of their valuable property, not just unused items. This type of property needs a better environment than a simple metal […]

Things to move to storage to get ready for cooler weather
June 6, 2018

Move to storage Move to storage items that aren’t used in this season. Storage of unused items is an integral part of our life. Everyone seems to have a garage, shed, or patio storage unit. When the cooler weather comes, there are some things that really need to be stored in a climate-controlled environment. These […]