The benefits of climate-controlled self-storage

Climate-controlled storage in Charlotte

Storage facilities that provide climate-controlled self-storage has grown exponentially over the past decade. It is rapidly becoming a required offering at many self-storage locations. This is because people are storing more of their valuable property, not just unused items. This type of property needs a better environment than a simple metal storage unit.

What is climate-controlled storage?

In the early days of self-storage, units were primarily constructed with a simple metal panel wall, shared with its neighbor, and a roll-up type door. Access was generally from a driveway that runs along the front of the units. Needless to say, these units became extremely hot in the summer, freezing cold in the winter, and depending upon the region, very dry or very humid. Unfortunately, many of the items that people wanted to store in those days, were often damaged by such extreme changes in climate.

Climate-controlled self-storage is now very common. Using the same metal frame as those original self-storage units, with the addition of insulation, ventilation, and interior protection. Climate-controlled units are established inside a building which is kept at a relatively constant temperature and humidity.

Naturally, climate control minimizes the environmental changes, the interior temperature is kept well above freezing. Typically, the environment is kept at 55 degrees to 85 degrees, with 55% humidity

Items that require climate-controlled storage

The list of items and materials that require climate-controlled storage is long:

  • Wooden furniture warps and cracks in high humidity or during extreme temperature changes
  • Leather cracks if it becomes too dry
  • Paper photographs will stick together in high humidity
  • Fabrics can mold and mildew
  • Metals can rust or corrode in high humidity
  • Electronic circuits can corrode due to moisture
  • The wood of guitars, violins, and pianos will warp.
  • Instrument strings can stretch or retract
  • Metal instruments and pads can corrode without the proper oiling and storage
  • Electronic keyboards and other devices run the same risk as any other electronic device
  • Paper can become brittle in an overly dry environment, or mold and rot in a humid one
  • Paper can also become nesting material in units that cannot protect against insects and rodents

Climate-controlled self-storage protects these types of materials.

Public storage in Charlotte, NC

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