Tips for organizing your business inventory in storage

Keeping business inventory in your home of office takes up a lot of space

Business storage is something many Harrisburg, NC residents and business owners find themselves running out of a lot. Especially if you keep inventory on hand. Whether you run a small clothing business, have a crafting business at home, or do another home-based business, having inventory on hand is important. After all, meeting the demands of your customer is important to keeping them. But, finding space to keep all your inventory, plus other supplies, can be difficult. See how you can use a storage unit as business storage to keep your inventory organized.

Three tips to keep your inventory safe in business storage

First, organize your inventory. Put like items with like items. If you sell clothing, put all the clothes with the same design together in one place. Put them all in tubs so you can easily pick them up and haul them. Tubs also make it easy to stack items, so you can stack some tshirts together, or all the same craft designs together.

Second, clearly mark your inventory while in business storage. You should clearly label what is in each tub or box so you can easily find what you need when inventory runs low at the store or at your home. If your inventory includes different sizes, mark what sizes are in there as well. For example, you could label it, Flower pattern skirts, sizes small through extra large. Be sure to put the label facing out so you can read it without having to shuffle things around.

Third, organize your business storage so you can quickly find things and easily get to them. Leave some room for you to move around in the unit. Since you’ll need to stack boxes and tubs, having a little room to set things while you pull out the inventory you need is important. You should also take care not to stack things too high, you don’t want to hurt yourself when you move tubs and boxes around. Putting heavier tubs on the bottom is also a good idea as it creates a stronger base for lighter items to be stacked on top of it.

Business storage in Harrisburg, NC

Harrisburg, NC business owners, whether you be a small business owner or have a home based business, may have a need for business storage at University Self Storage. Contact us today to learn more about our units or for help finding the right one for your business’ needs.

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