Top 5 storage mistakes

People use storage units for many things

5 storage mistakes: Storage in a storage unit offers Harrisburg, NC residents the solution to many of their storage woes. But, only if they use their unit correctly. Below, we’ll cover the top five storage mistakes people make when they move home or office items into a unit and how you can avoid making the same mistake.

  1. You don’t put store items in appropriate containers

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when moving items into storage is not putting them in the proper containers. Leaving them in flimsy boxes that can be easily damaged or not putting them into a container at all leave your belongings exposed. You should transfer items to sturdy, storage tubs before putting them in storage. These make stacking easy and will hold up against temperature changes and more.

  1. Not labelling your boxes

When you move items into tubs to put into storage, be sure you clearly label them. If your tubs and boxes aren’t labeled, you’ll spend valuable time moving heavy items and opening tubs to find what you’re looking for. By labelling them, you can find what you need as soon as you need it. Tip: be sure to put the labels facing out so you can read them easily.

  1. You don’t take time to organize your unit

When you first move your items into storage, it’s a good idea to take time to organize the items you’re moving into a unit. Poor organization when you move belongings in will make it hard to find what you need down the road. Consider keeping items you’ll need, like holiday and seasonal items, closer to the front while putting items you won’t use often in the back.

  1. You stack items too high

When you put items into storage, you may be tempted to stack tubs clear to the top. But, try to resist. BY stacking items too high you make it difficult to get what you need and may even end up hurting yourself. Instead, only stack things as high as you can reach, typically not higher than you can reach easily.

  1. You chose a facility based solely on price

Harrisburg, NC residents may be tempted to select a storage facility based solely on the cost. However, you should take other factors into consideration as well. Look at the security features the facility offers as well as the accessibility of your items when they are in storage. Make sure you can easily get them, whenever you need them. Be sure to look into their terms and storage unit options as well before selecting your facility.