Variety of Uses for Self Storage

You can use self storage for many things

Self storage can help solve a variety of storage issues for residents. Though most people relate storage units with moving, they can actually be used for more than just moving. Discover five common uses for self storage.

  1. Clear out the garage. Garages are often used as more than just a place to keep your car. It’s often used as a place to store a variety of items. Sometimes, it becomes so full homeowners can’t even keep their cars in the garage anymore. Self storage can help you clear up space in your garage and finally reclaim it as a place to park your car. Move items such as holiday decorations and such in a unit until you need them for the next holiday.
  2. Create a man cave. The basement or office space in a new home is often earmarked to turned into a man cave at some point. But, it can quickly become overrun with boxes of items and used as storage space instead. By moving these items into storage, you can finally turn that room into the man cave you have always wanted.
  3. Clear off the driveway. If your driveway is packed every night due to your camper, boat or RV taking up valuable space, having storage can help ease crowding the driveway. Many facilities offer units large enough for these items or exterior units that are designed to store RVs. This allows you to clear off your driveway and kids can have the space to play outside or you to park off the street.
  4. Organize your home office. More and more people are working from home. This can require you to hold onto a lot of paperwork and equipment. If your home office is spilling out into your living space, having a storage unit can help you organize more efficiently. Move your extra equipment and older files into the unit. This is a quick and simple way to organize your office without having to throw away items you may need down the road.
  5. Small businesses. Small business owners can benefit from using this to keep their equipment. For example, people with lawn and garden companies need different equipment for different jobs and seasons. Instead of buying an office space to store these items, they can keep the equipment they don’t need with the present season in the unit.

Storage in North Charlotte

North Charlotte residents can benefit from using storage to increase their space at home. We offer units in various sizes and types to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about ways you can benefit from the use of self storage.