What Not To Do With Storage Units

Storage units are home to a variety of items

Storage units are used for many things in North Charlotte. They are used to house items while couples downsize, to help declutter the house and garage, and more. Though these units are a great storage solution, there are some things you should not keep in them and things you should not use them for.

Don’t use your unit as a place to live

If you plan to save on rent or a mortgage by living in storage units, reconsider. People, and animals as well, are not allowed to live in a unit. Not only is it dangerous, units may not have heating and air conditioning, plumbing, electricity, and proper ventilation for living things.

Don’t use your unit to store your money

Storage units are often thought of as a safety deposit box. People are often tempted to use it to store money they don’t want to keep at the bank. However, it is not recommended to keep cash in your unit. Though your facility will have multiple security measures in place to protect your belongings, they can’t prevent everything. Plus, humid weather or a rain leak can ruin your stacks of cash. Instead, keep your money in a place designed to store it such as a bank.

Don’t keep flammable items in your unit

If you have items such as fireworks or gas which could ignite easily, don’t keep it in your storage units. These could ignite on accident thanks to a box falling, a pest getting into it, or a leak springing in the ceiling. This would not only cause damage to your items, but to the units around you as well.

Don’t keep food in your unit

Buying in bulk and extreme couponing were all the rage a few years ago. Many people buy canned items or other pantry items in bulk so they can save money down the line. However, you should not plan to use storage units to house these extra items. No matter how tightly sealed they are or how well packed, they can still attract pests to your unit and the units surrounding yours.

Storage units in North Charlotte

North Charlotte residents who have questions about what they can and cannot keep in their unit should contact us. Our staff is happy to help you determine if a unit is the best option for what you plan to store. We can also answer other questions you have and help you pick out the best unit for you. Contact our office to get started today.